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  • Mt Lawley, WA
  • 92.1 FM

The sound alternative

RTRFM is a completely self-funded, independent community based radio station operated by Arts Radio Ltd, a non-profit company. RTRFM broadcasts 24 hours a day to the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia and beyond at 92.1mhz on the fm band. The station's funding comes directly from listeners who become subscribers, from business sponsors who promote their products and services & from a wide range of fundraising activities. RTRFM is the only Perth metropolitan radio station to provide a unique blend of progressive music and information without commercial hype. We have earned a reputation for innovative and progessive broadcasting covering a wide variety of interests, with a special focus on arts, community and cultural activites and a strong commitment to local music. RTRFM is Perth's fastest growing radio station and currently broadcasts to an audience exceeding 96,000 unique listeners each week.